Auto Trader - Case Study
the brief + the solution

Case Study - Auto Trader

The Brief

Auto Trader were determined to make a bold statement with its London and Manchester offices, in which several teams were being brought together for the first time. Creating a sense of unity was important, as well as enabling a highly visual and collaborative working style.

Auto Trader required multi-functional spaces that could flex and adapt to support this flexible way of working. With a suite of cutting-edge Audiovisual collaboration and display technology, Viewpoint enpowered its people to share ideas and work together quickly and easily, enabling them to deliver ambitious projects in a fast-paced environment.

The Solution

Auto Trader’s London and Manchester offices now host leading edge technology-enabled collaborative workspaces, that help its teams to innovate, and the company to attract and retain the brightest talent in the industry.

The main boardroom contains a folding partition wall that allows it to operate as one large space or two smaller rooms with separate systems. Large format display screens serve each space, with multiple input options. The room is fully equipped with video and audio conferencing, able to call legacy video conferencing systems, Skype for Business endpoints, and a virtual meeting room for optimum compatibility.

Other meeting rooms contain laptop connection points and mobile screens for flexible content sharing. The user testing suite operates as a standard meeting room, but with additional password protected functionality allowing specific users to operate the room in ‘control room mode’. This gives access to cameras, microphones, screen sharing and tablet mirroring, which allow software engineers to test and monitor software use to develop and refine Auto Trader’s product portfolio. All 52 of the meeting rooms are supported by an automated room booking system to manage the assets.

Digital signage screens throughout the open plan office can be flexibly used as multi-statistics monitoring screens, and also as laptop and PC display points for daily Agile, Kanban and other development and project management style stand-ups. These are complemented by interactive screens allowing teams to quickly sketch out ideas and project plans.

This variety of presentation, meeting and collaboration spaces allows Auto Trader’s ‘squads’ to work nimbly and flexibly, choosing the spaces and technology that best suit each task, rather than being confined to traditional office desk and meeting room environments.

The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the tools it has provided for its teams to creatively problem solve and develop new ideas.