Community  Connectivity
digital services

. . . providing AV digital technology solutions that deliver information, interactive services and entertainment packages to care homes and community spaces

We like to work closely with community design projects to provide Audiovisual and digital Environment Control technologies that work in harmony with the desired care solutions and to enhance the living experience.

Via an access control structure, we can provide connectivity for care staff and their support network via mobile App services, integration with nursing call systems  giving request or call linkage from the client or patient directly to the area of required response.

Providing simple but effective communication to where it matter most

Tailored interaction to local and national services information, media and bedside TV network packages. Remote access for sharing visitor or family information, either on site or via remote connectivity.

We can provide partnered packages for film and digital network services and bespoke media developed to provide stimulation and support for specific care groups.

Let us help you define the needs of your care spaces that simple, flexible, secure and easy to operate, making life stimulating and enjoyable for your clients.

Situlation by Design

from appartments to the day space

As with all our sector solutions, we offer a range of financial solutions that help you spread the cost of investment, with the option to include scheduled systems and technology upgrading, that will keep your services fresh and technology safe and current.

We also provide a range of managed services solutions, mitigating risk for your organisation and giving you peace of mind.

Get in contact to discuss your needs and ideas. We are happy to provide technology presentations and demonstrations or to set up visits to our client sites.

Reasons we supply this sector?

  • We care about the right technology selection for the right experience 
  • Using our partner structure, we can create  simple safe to use solutions that provide client connectivity and stimulation 
  • Our software development services allow us to provide tailored client focused demand services, with the added benefits of care staff and support services interaction tools 
  • By developing the right service package, we can take the stress out of your daily care routine

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