Digital Sharp
          access, control and information

. . . creative digital technology solutions that deliver information and interactive visualisation

We  work closely with brand leading partners in digital technologies to provide you with screen, processing and control technologies to deliver secure digital service solutions. 

Digital Audiovisual communication is the perfect way to deliver communications and use advertising displays within any organisation, giving real time access to content and a more engaging platform for the audience to interact with.

Delivering speed and visual
imagery energy

Digital Signage, Wayfinding, Data Visualisation and Meeting Room Bookings will provide instant visual attraction providing clear messaging and stimulation.

IPTV services, music, video, advertising, presentation(s), chat and live forums, twitter feed and live information streaming, delivered on mobile or fixed infrastructure networks.

Key to the rollout and management of your solution will be the effectiveness of your  digital signage design and ownership and relevance of content displayed on screen(s). 

Leading Digital Services

for fixed and mobile devices

We will work with you to create your corporate layout master, help set up all of your initial deployment templates,  layouts access and security or should you wish, to provide a managed service, providing regular planned upgrade development.

Reasons we supply this sector?

  • We care about the right digital technology selection for the right client user experience outcome
  • Using our partner structure, we can create  simple secure digital technology solutions  that provide client connectivity and visual messaging structure to build and develop upon
  • Our solution reliability performance as a key selection performance discrimnator      
  • Our commitment to support longevity and solution technology and content development

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