Emergency Infrastructure
distributed digital communication

. . . providing live information to the point of need 

Commanders arriving at the scene can take too long or are unable to make contact with commanders from the others services quickly and effectively. This leads to poor information sharing, lack of communication and no joint understanding of the unfolding emergency (JESIP).

We can provide interactive technology and infrastructure to help suport the roll out of Emergency Services control rooms and services and their linkage to their front line staff, supporting the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) initiative.

Creating an effective collaborative information sharing environment

We have the technology solutions to support the development of modern control rooms, supporting meeting rooms, planning and debrifing facilities  and digital infrastructure services required to support them.  

Designed to provide emergency service information to agreed performance outcomes with the capability to integrate with local government as part of the command structure for incident management and training events.

Integration with live action or recorded training video (fixed or body worn cameras), with voice and data connectivity to provide incident information analysis and/or training exercise development.


video download and AAR

For crisis response, promoting more effective vertical integration and effective information transfer within the organisational operating layers of control.

Reasons we supply this sector?

  • Brand leading digital network solution partners
  • Interative touch technology from Control to  the front line operators
  • Secure cloud based video conferencing for concurrent voice and data provision
  • Control room information technology integration with digital signage display and live streaming services
  • Bespoke support and service options
  • Camera and audio solutions for live training and After Action Review (AAR)

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