Technology for Education
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. . . creating an environment that is both immersive, flexible and technology street wise

We have designed  and developed immersive training solutions for a number of clients across Commercial and Government  sectors and understand the importance of creating flexible smart technology led environments for learning. From Key Stage innovation adoption,  through to  Higher Education (HE) collaboration and workforce up skilling, we have learning techology solutions for you!  

Agile learning environments  equipped with technology for information sharing, recording and playback

Smart device software and touch screen technology are designed  to be easy to operate and to share. We have a range of classroom and agile learning space designs that provide working solutions to support individual pre learning and study, small to large audience structured lesson or lecture delivery and post learning delivery activity group working.  We will help you chosse the solution that's right for your needs and provide you all the training you need to deliver your desired outcomes.

We have a range of delivered collaboration space designs for problem solving and project working,  with software tools for information sharing and storage, specifically designed to support peer to peer learning development.  

All solutions can be equipped with intergrated fixed, portable or detachable IT platforms running your operating system of choice, with smart charging facility options for assured availability . 

With the requirement  to record, review and verify our learning outcomes becoming an essential  part of our effectiveness, we have developed fixed and mobile technology solutions to meet our client needs. So, if you have missed anything, its there when you have time to catch up!

Give us a call, we would be delighted to come and discuss your requirements with you and set up a supported trial to show you what we can offer!

Smart integrated learning technologies

simple and effective by design

Reasons we supply this sector?

  • Integrated technology learning environments
  • Pre learning and remote learning technologies for information sharing and peer to peer learning
  • Classroom infrastructure solutions with digital technology support services
  • Technology rich 'Huddle spaces' that provide for information sharing, problem solving recoding and playback
  • Camera and audio solutions for live training and After Action Review (AAR) 
  • Full training and service support for all client designed solutions

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