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collabration transformation

. . . more than just another Video Conferencing solution!

We understand the demands on business environments, particularly in providing office based ‘on premise’ services to create flexible and agile workspaces. From the Boardroom or meeting room to the Chamber and huddle spaces designed for client privacy. We have worked closely with Partners to understand information sharing and recording issues, to create a number of exceptional working spaces and information sharing environments.


Our environments provide effective communication, collabortion and remote user connectivity

Demands on managing client information and communication, arranging and holding meetings remotely and keeping on top of multiple client case accounts, can be difficult. We can help you with that!

We have developed solutions that support distributive working, providing clear voice and data connectivity through a suite of smart video services, to provide partner and client connectivity and information sharing.

With technology continually developing, we can explain to you the benefits that new smart services and devices can offer. The smart device software and touch screen technologies are designed to make operation simple to use, easy to operate and to send out invites and to resend recorded meetings to those who couldn’t make it!

Working Brief

reliable video communication by design

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Reasons we supply this sector?

  • Collaborative
  • Interoperational
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Security of information, using proven cloud based
  • Case load management, through group individual case segregation communication recording

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