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> Advice on Technology

To stay ahead of the game in today’s digital environment, successful businesses and organisations embrace new technology and use current innovations to make a difference to their working environments and business outcomes.

Increasingly this includes audio and video command technologies and conferencing, networking, telephony, digital signage, content creation, IPTV solutions, room booking and facilities management and control systems.

At Viewpoint we can help advise you on the best technology to equip your organisation and give you options on training and technology adoption phasing. This ensures you only buy it when you need itand we help to ensure you get the best out of it.

Your first opportunity to make an impression on your client is so important, so investring in the right technology in your business, meeting and collaboration spaces is key. We can help you with thosedecisions, with great technology partners and clients who help us show implemented technology in place and operating.

Innovation in design, value for money, quality of service

Our Continued Support

We will take you through the process from your initial contact, through advice on requirement definition and then to a formal agreement on design solution based on your desired outcomes. Once installed we will support you through training and formal implentation, then continue to support you based on a level of continued interaction driven by your business need.

> Professional Services

  • Requirement definition
  • Technology options and demonstration
  • Design selection
  • Plan for Implemantion
  • Training and Support


advice, deliver & support

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> Design and Development

Our team has many years experience in AV design and utilise best practice in ourdesign and development process to ensure your requiremnts are captured and incorporated accurately.

We take are time to listen to the detail, to understand and document your business or organisational needs. We then provide options for technoogy selection before designing the final the solution, linked to your desired outcomes. Technology is a key enabler and performance multiplier in most instances,so we take care in ensuring you are able to adopt its usage to maximise the benefits from your investment.

Our experienced team of designers and project engineers bring together expert practical technical knowledge from many successful client projects. We back this up with an excellent technology partnerprogramme, giving us leading product availability from across the sector.

> We listen to your needs,
we provide options in design, great technology partners

> Committement to Quality and the Environment

Our commitment to quality and sound environmental practice means that we follow acknowledged industry standards, actively seeking solutions to reduce running costs, waste and environmental impact.

> Design Professionals

  • We listen
  • Offer technology solution options
  • Create a design template based on your needs and desired outcomes
  • Provide practical experience in all that we design
  • Focus on quality and performance
  • Environmental efficiencies assessed


advice, deliver & support

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> Project Implementation

As your Audio Visual (AV) Project Management organisation, we maintain our focus on your solution objectives and your investment outcomes. Our key objective is to effectively put our agreed plan in motion, with documented information from all identified involved parties, through a series of planned technology implementation steps.

Our shared and agreed project plan document, that will describe all the key actions, timelines, and resources needed to complete your AV system implementation, which will be core to this process.

We will provide a dedicated Project Manager, who will liaise with you from early project definition, through to its implementation and commissioning. As a business, we will provide advice on the optimum support arrangements to ensure investment.

We will ensure there are engagement points for review, to inform on technology capability within your solution that may further enhance business effectiveness. We will also provide advice on planning for scheduled maintenance and support to maximise solution effectiveness and longevity.

> Training for Effectiveness

As customer adoption is very important to us, we are keen to make sure you maximise the benefits from your investment. We will provide training for your implementation team to support any joint testing and for the wider user community once commissioned. We also provide user workshops to develop and grow technology exploitation skills and knowledge and to improve peer-to-peer experiences.

> Delivering outcomes

  • We work with your team to agree a set of performance goals for your Project
  • We create a programme for implementation that works for your business
  • We dedicate a Project Manager to coordinate activities with your team and with your other contractor teams
  • We will work with you to resolve any issues you may have with IT, networking and security policies
  • Provide regular reviews of the implementation, through testing and commissioning
  • Provide training on technologies and workshops to improve user adoption
  • Give advice on options for future maintenance and upgrading


advice, deliver & support

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> Commissioning

We will devise a unique set of tests for your companies approach to the use of the designed installation; taking into account your operations methodology and use of other existing systems and their interfaces. These tests will replicate business functionality with an aim to eliminate any issues within installation and to prove functionality based on your performance outcomes.

We make sure there is adequate time set aside before your system goes live for your team to run display and information tests, specifically where cross site or multi site collaboration solutions need to prove essential connectivity and user interface confidence.

Where considered beneficial to staff and the business operation, we can create a pilot program, to duplicate installed functionality and reduce integration risk. This may also include early programme on-site trials of equipment from different suppliers, in order to satisfy you that you have the right solution for your business.

Joint Testing

We like to encourage joint testing and customer interaction throughout commissioning. It give us a further level of confidence that once delivered, our customers are very confident with the solution functionality and have extended knowledge of its capability.

We will work with you and your teams to help develop a programme that works with the business and that also helps identify key users adoption ‘Champions’ throughout business.

> Providing assurance

  • Unique set of tests developed to suit your business performance outcomes and user understanding
  • Provision of adequate time for user testing of installed environments to prove connectivity and system interface knowledge
  • On site trials of technology to test and prove functionality and improve user adoption
  • Help you make the right choices for your business, based on tested and proven functionality


advice, deliver & support

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> Maintenance and Support

Audio visual technology requires ongoing maintenance which is why we provide a number of comprehensive support and maintenance programmes to ensure you are covered fully against any failures.

Our managed services help liberate your operational teams and financial resources from any issues in utilising your Audio Visual solution to maximise return from your investment. We will take care of the business of keeping your system running optimally and deal with any issues your team have with getting the best out of it.

We are very flexible in our approach to our long-term relationship with you. So, we offer several levels of on-going Service Level Agreement (SLA) once we have completed your installation, with options to design a bespoke solution with you, should you require something special.

> Service Level Agreement

Our reputation is built around a continued strong relationship with our customers, building our knowledge of your business operations and our responsiveness to your needs.

We provide a dedicated email helpdesk for all faults logging, followed up by a call from one of our service engineers. Our Gold service will provide you next day visits to diagnose and rectify reported faults. If it’s a light touch with routine preventative maintenance visits and advice on technology future proofing, then we offer a cost effective Bronze level SLA.

> Bullets

  • Committed to providing you service excellence and a continued support relationship, built on trust and quality of service
  • Reputation built on a strong relationship with our Customers
  • Dedicated serviced email helpdesk, with service engineer support
  • SLA agreements from same day/next day site visits to diagnose and repair
  • Bespoke tailored support arrangements with regular engineer site presence and remote access services


advice, deliver & support

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