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> Boardrooms

Your Boardroom is like your signature, it reflects the way you operate and communicate. Professional by design and in the way you conduct your business.

The ability to present, discuss, develop and communicate outcomes. Create ideas and problem solve in an enabling environment is vital for business performance success.

Viewpoint can help you create that Boardroom environment to help you deliver your outcomes. We can help you to stimulate interactivity via our range of intelligent room display, sound, room control technology and conferencing solutions.

Presentation media are essential for getting your ideas across to clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Fidelity, content and delivery format are an important part of our digital business routine. The ability to communicate form ideas, problem solve and record that information clearly is vital for success.

Viewpoint can deliver that clarity, enhanced with ease of use interactivity, via our range of professional boardroom collaborative software solutions. We also care about your investment, so we will provide training and support throughout your implementation and adoption, never too far away if you need help!

> We have the knowhow and
    the experience to help you
    through your digital

We have the technology and know-how for every step, from media design to communication systems implementation. Exploting wireless and cloud technologies, with simple-to-use one-touch controls that put the technology you need at your fingertips.

The Boardroom is the Business Hub, we make sure that yours delivers the outcomes you need to communicate, grow and develop.

> Professional by approach
    and design

  • Professional design and implementation
  • Technology partners providing us with market leading audio, visual and control technologies
  • Professional presentation tools and Collaborative technologies that connect wirelessly
  • Training, Support and a culture of long term commitment


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> Smart Meeting Rooms &
    Presentation Spaces

Successful meetings are about more than just what’s said. Non-verbal cues and personal interactions play an important role in solidifying the underlying relationships, which ultimately drive successful communication and outcomes.

If a meeting room has a purpose, it is to foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas, and for this, technology is again our ally with new wireless screen sharing and touch screen systems. These enable the content from any computer to be displayed on any screen within the room. Multi-touch screens come with a range of tools and technology that provide for an immersive space for collaboration.  

The systems also protect businesses from the transmission of potential IT viruses and facilitates cumbersome connections with cables and prevents time being wasted.  

Solutions adapted to spaces with smart connections are a must and will deliver real benefit to all its users.

An organisation’s largest Meeting Rooms or Auditorium are now vitually limitless in terms of reach, capacitiy and impact. We can provide you with ideas and the opportunitiy to trial todays smart technology. Implemented effectivily will allows your participants to communicate, share, present and discuss as easily as if they were there.

> Presentation Spaces

Our Auditoriums deliver an amazing sound and visual experience, but we also consider their utility and work with you to ensure your investment delivers on flexibility and operational performance.

We have provided solutions for large business, installations in Cafeteria’s and Production Areas with large automated drop down screens, smart sound and projector systems. These provide regular facility for whole company briefings and Town Hall address communication, so it’s essential that the message is clearly projected and the sound is clear.

> Growing our cost effective
    Huddle Space solutions

New Huddle Space technologies allow us to pack interactive technology down to a smaller scale, but with the same level of effectiveness. In business, or in education, across the Armed Services or our Emergency Services network, meeting space design needs great immersive technology with services to support them.

> Creating a sound and visual
    experience and environment
    to participate

  • Bring your discussion to life and make the experience worthwhile
  • Provide great voice and data connectivity, so that all attendees can participate
  • Create a positive sound environment, reduce echo and noise attenuation
  • Visualise, document and record positive and paperless outcomes
  • Create a Mass briefing area that’s a flexible space for community and learning
  • Theatres and large projection systems that provide a fantastic sound and visual experience


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> Training Environments

We can provide your virtual environment solutions for pre-learning and student engagement that provide for content distribution, conferencing and chat, all in a secure and monitored environment.

We have agile classroom designs that can deliver formal learning, also reconfigurable to support group and team activities.

For small group work, meetings and for project development, we can provide Interactive huddle spaces. Fully self contained or part of a larger connected work space, we can add touch screen interfaces, a camera for conferencing and a range of remote and group sharing connectivity for speed and simplicity.

We provide interactive screen and surface touch technology and software tools for larger group working spaces. These provide for larger group interaction and a place to share and create, design and motivate.

> Student Zones – Working
    Space Management

Software tools for small to large group collaboration with metres of digital continuous blank canvas, (Nureva Span) for workshops and project planning. Eliminate the reams of flip chart paper or wipe board working and save your ideas, notes and developed material electronically for you colleagues and remote team members to share and add to.

> Integrating our technology
    into new or existing

  • On-line workspace booking
  • Environment controls for technology interaction
  • Integrated technology workstations with single or multi screen solutions
  • Distributed learning and collaboration tools with communication technologies
  • Rise and fall height controlled desks and table designs for agile working
  • Remote power pack solutions for flexible layouts in existing buildings
  • Range of projector and interactive screens solutions


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> Collaboration and

Collaboration is a key factor in building a small business because it works. People thrive in environments, which free them to communicate and work together. When the company environment is focused on collaboration, team members naturally feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

The best way to transition from an individual to a collaborative mindset is to equip each team member for active participation in the group dynamic.

Our Partner solutions support rapid communication and seamless collaboration in the varied modern work environment. From small huddle spaces to the largest meeting rooms, and from fixed desks and individual offices to roaming remote and home workers, they bring powerful, cloud-based communication to every employee, wherever they choose to work, and whatever device they are on.

Smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces are a crucial part of how teams collaborate; stepping away from an often open-plan office environment to somewhere they can discuss, debate, share ideas, and review presentations.

> Making connectivity easy for
    the mobile workforce

The workplace isn’t nearly as fixed as it once was; many people hot-desk, move between offices, or spend some or all of the week working remotely. With adaptable options that can fit on your desk or sit on your PC or Mac, our solutions provides messaging, meeting and calling tools that work consistently for them, regardless of how and where they choose to work, and on what devices.

> Flexibility and ease of use
    by design

  • Built for small to large business, we can provide the environment that works for you
  • Desktop video solutions that let you instantly communicate digitally with anyone, anywhere
  • Solutions that support rapid communication and seamless collaboration
  • Social media App based tools that provide remote connectivity, yet maintaining security and flexibility for catch up and play back
  • Enterprise and Cloud based solutions that allow for legacy system integration


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> Reception areas and
    Communal Spaces

At Viewpoint we’re experts in adding impact to reception and waiting rooms with a range of AudioVisual solutions that bring those spaces to life.

Your reception space is your organisation’s physical shop window and it’s critical that it makes the right first impression on your visitors. We can help you structure your technology driven messaging to show company performance, offers and intelligence, news and current affairs, daily working initiatives or linkage to forthcoming events.

If you are a Business Hub, looking to expand your services to the wider community, we can help you plan technology integration to increase your footfall and Small Business use. Creating areas for Business Meetings, Collaborative debate and Town Hall address communications and performance improvement based sessions.

For us, it’s all about maximising the impact and utility of your space.

> Make your reception a hub
    for information

IPTV and digital signage ensures that the content and messaging you want each visitor to be presented with is deployed simply and effortlessly from a central content management system, while our video walls provide the wow factor.

> Making the difference,

  • Impress clients the moment they enter your offices
  • Create a space that’s welcoming, but informative
  • Add IPTV and digitise your business messages to your clients and visitors
  • Make Media walls an impressive part of your business or communal space messaging


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> Agile Workspaces

Technology provides the conduit for any effective workspace utilisation design. Making services truly agile, creates an environment with multiple working and revenue options.

We can provide a range of flexible interactive audio and visual based technologies that connect you to your existing network or cloud solution. Adding smart desktop, interactive screen or furniture base solution. Room based controls for quick connectivity to peripheral devices that can be made simply and effectively.

> Providing Agility beyond the

Viewpoint’s visual collaboration solutions equip remote workers with the tools they need to stay connected with their colleagues, business partners, customers and supply chain, giving them the technology to have face-to-face conversations at the click of a button. Easy to access, simple to use!

One of the biggest workplace trends of the 21st century is the growth in flexible home and remote working. Our technology partners provide the tools to facilitate this flexible approach, ensuring that remote workers can dial into meetings just as easily as their colleagues in the office. To see, hear and if necessary record what is going on, and contribute just as if they were there in person.

> Creating more for you and
    your organisation

  • Providing the agile workspace glue
  • Creating connectivity through simple to use technology solutions
  • Interactive work spaces, improving communication and output performance
  • Making the working environment work for you, your teams and your wider business community
  • Keeping it simple, building through adoption and working together!


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