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Technology support from Viewpoint-AV

> Audiovisual solutions

We have over 30 years’ experience in the design, installation and on-going support of the industry’s leading Audio Visual (AV) technology. We have a very strong Customer relationship ethos, with our commitment to long-term support at the forefront of all that we do.

We are exponents of great collaboration technology and are always looking for smarter technology to drive improvement in AV environments. We enable our people and businesses to work more efficiently together in everyday life, having created a culture where we all strive to improve daily outcomes in all that we do together.

We work with business technology partner providers from across the industry to provide our customers with innovative selection options for equipment solutions that are at the forefront of technology development. Better performance, proven reliability and assured longevity.

> Preparing for a Digital

We understand digital infrastructures, integrated building services and system standards which is why forward-thinking organisations around the UK, together with their businesses around the world, are benefitting from our innovative solutions to communicate, engage and collaborate in new ways.

> Our commitment to you

  • Better performance, proven reliability and assured longevity
  • Partnered with the best in the industry, for innovation and investment
  • Committed to our Customers for quality of service and continued support
  • Foreword thinking and technologically capable
  • Our continued understanding of market place developments and the impacts to our Customers


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> Interactive Displays

Viewpoint’s interactive display solutions overcome the challenges posed by a dispersed workforce, uniting teams by providing flexible, intuitive face-to-face contact across your entire people network, irrespective of location.

Our market leading partners have created interactive displays designed to improve cross-team communication and collaboration in our workplaces. This enables us to provide you workplace solutions from the shop floor to the boardroom that bring people together to work on projects and initiatives that produce positive outcomes.

As part of our more recent changes to the office based business environment, the average employee now spends a large percentage of the working day some form of meeting. Most are not good experiences and we have all witnessed the effects of poor preparation and action setting.

Businesses are faced with the challenge of creating effective meeting spaces across their department structure that facilitates the needs of the modern workplace. Our partners have designed solutions that help facilitate the essential collaborative functions of a good meeting and act as the ‘hub’ of the meeting space, with functions for recorded delivery. Innovative and creative thought recording, process planning and resource planning, with the tools and capability and connections to the Internet, the scope is endless…

So where do we locate
    these devices

Whether it’s a traditional conference room or huddle area, our partner solution are designed to enhance the meeting experience for all, enabling smart and fluid collaboration.

We have them in the boardrooms and meeting rooms, bid rooms and data centres and throughout education. More recently we have introduced them to production pulse lines as the need to reduce the onus on paper and duplication drives further efficiency in manufacturing.

There are pricing solutions for all now, but what is important to Viewpoint is that we provide you a solution that delivers the outcomes you need and that you continue to improve and develop with the system. Our initial training is backed up with ‘user adoption’ feedback and audit, with further workshops provided for new staff or for exploitation of additional capability.

> Making Interaction a tool
    for success

  • Uniting teams by providing a flexible, intuitive face-to-face interactive delivery and recording tool
  • Effective collaborative interactive toolset addition to any meeting space
  • Limitless capacity to support the creation of ideas and capture innovative thought
  • As a workhorse for project development and support, developing process and managing performance
  • Flexible in use across sectors, with endless capacity to support problem solving through collaborative interaction with on-line staff, systems and data sources


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> Video Conferencing

Viewpoint’s video conferencing solutions will transform the way your teams connect, communicate and collaborate, bringing flexibility and agility to your organisation. With businesses and institutions operating and communicating on a global basis, distributed and remote working becoming more and more popular, its essential that we stay in touch and provide the right tools to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Linked with our cloud based conferencing options, we can link your sites and students to provide a blended solution that ensures know one misses that important briefing, meeting, communication or training event.

Help your employees to work more productively and collaborate more easily with one-to-one instant messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call. Remove barriers to communication and hold online meetings that anyone can join. Connect with the widest possible audience with audio, video and screen sharing.

Get even more out of your existing investment. Extend Skype for Business into meeting rooms and gain the ability for any standards-based video device to join your Skype for Business meetings. Just give us a call and we can provide you a demonstration of the system in operation or come and see one of our Customers.

> Selecting the right
    integrated solution

With support for multiple cameras and screens, integration with professional AV equipment, and HD video and audio, our partners reliable and easy-to-use systems transform your conference rooms.

Viewpoints operations team will work with your organisation to quickly and easily create video meetings or hold point-to-point video calls. We can provide cost effective affordable solutions for smaller meeting rooms with the reliability and assurance that the communication tools that are always ready for use.

Supported by powerful messaging, meetings and calling app makes communication easy wherever you are, and whatever device you’re on. The app messaging, through your private account ensures that all private sharing groups retain privacy from social media.

> Making communication
    simple and collaboration
    the norm

  • Transforming the way your teams connect, communicate and collaborate
  • Collaborate more easily with one-to-one instant messaging, group chats, and the ability to escalate any chat to a video call
  • Voice and video calls to anyone, anywhere, on any device
  • Our managed services liberate
  • Quick to implement, simple and intuitive to operate, effective from the first call!


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> Presentation Systems

Media is being presented in many different ways both in the company boardroom and its meeting spaces. Although generally catering for presentation of media generated using the Microsoft toolset, presenters and audiences want more from their meeting experiences. At Viewpoint we like a challenge and routinely provide our customers new technology to trial. Mass briefing systems, huddle spaces and drop in zones are increasingly driven by mobile devices, switching between users, data sources and software packages.

So, it’s the experience we can offer that’s becoming the focus, not just the hardware!

Ceiling mounted projectors are popular for large spaces with high-resolution LED screens becoming solution of choice for the boardroom and meeting spaces. There are many different screen sizes available and the choice will depend on the size and layout of the room, the audience size and ultimately is use. We have a large range of options available thorough our partner network and an experience design team that can provide performance and budget options.

Viewpoint have provided many smart solutions to customer presentation challenges, with recessed projection mounts and hidden screens. Discrete sound and speaker systems, with clever automation control systems. With technology becoming smaller and more powerful, the solution options are greater and more enterprising!

Providing connectivity for all meeting participants can be problematic. Restrictions imposed through personal or business security scrutiny can make outcomes frustrating. We try to take the pain away from all of that!

Wireless presentation systems have revolutionised the meeting room experience and made connecting cables a thing of the past. Participants can simultaneously share content on the meeting room screen with the click of a button. In most cases no software installation is required – just connect and go. Once connected these solutions will always display the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout on your laptop.

At Viewpoint, we provide several options depending on simplicity of operation, security, data sharing options and budget.

> Audio and Microphone

We provide a variety of speaker audio options, depending on the space. Ceiling, desktop of wall-mounted microphones can be supplied to suit your environment; with a range of ceiling, wall and surface mounted speaker systems. Microphones can be used for voice reinforcement and there are several options available from wireless lapel or hand held ones through to permanent desk or ceiling mounted versions. We are happy to go through the options with you and provide demonstrations.

> Providing the right
    presentation solution

  • Presentation systems are determining user and meeting audience experiences
  • Technology selection is key for a balanced and effective meeting environment
  • Smaller and more powerful technology give us more options
  • Wireless solutions provide more utility and flexibility
  • Microphone and speaker selections are key to the user experience


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> Media Walls

Media walls are a clear way to provide market visibility, either as making a statement to your clients or competitors or linked to your signage solution of a part of marketing or sales campaign.

At Viewpoint we have solutions in with clients in security and monitoring environments, where switchable or timed concurrent view changes are required throughout a shift are required.

In a corporate environment, Video walls can help to improve efficiencies of employees communications, shared live feed information leading to improved response and coordination effectiveness. In our Emergency Services sector, video walls provide centrally located critical resource and information feeds, supporting more effective intelligence and response decision-making.

> As an Integrated Business

It’s important to recognise that a video wall system is an integrated solution. As an arrangement of multiple LCD video screens or LED video panels, a powerful processing and computing control system drive the content on the screen. So while a video wall might behave like a single display, the technology behind it is far more complex and powerful. A complete video wall system can deliver great performance, flexibility, and interactivity that simply are not possible with more basic screen repetition solutions. Add a digital signage package and a link to IPTV and you have a very capable messaging platform.

> Building an impressive
    media presentation

  • Effective medium for delivering bold business and commercial/retail marketing campaigns
  • Shared data sources to support collaborative team working and improved decision making
  • Live video feed for improved planning and intelligence gathering
  • With the addition of data processing, signage or IPTV, the Video Wall utility is transformed


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> Digital Signage

Viewpoint has provided signage solutions across its many business sectors, creating designs that provide information to business travellers, performance data to business and their clients, retail pricing and sales information, way finding and marketing.

We can provide a combined hardware and software solution, installation design advice, detailed content design and training. We can provide continuous support to those businesses that are developing their marketing strategy and for those business with the resources to manage there own, our support if and when you need us.

We work with our partners to provide an integrated visual signage solution that provides our customers with a feature rich media package that can be combined to provide an effective digital communication outcome.

> Key Features

Our preferred platform has a wide array of features including dual video/TV windows in Digital Signage layouts, event triggers, integrated Workflow Management system, and native IPTV solution. It has a Built-in Content Management System, Interactive Touchscreen capabilities, Digital Menu Board delivery and its own content creation software.

> Leading Signage

  • Providing key information to the point of need
  • An expert service for design and integration of hardware and software
  • Market leading partner
  • Outstanding range of services and features
  • Excellent remote and on-site support & training packages


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> Room Management

Let Viewpoint take the complexity out of managing your meeting rooms. We can help integrate both hardware touch panels and the meeting software into your existing business operating software to provide a more effective use of you’re meeting space resources and improve.

We can provide options on intuitive interfaces and central management dashboards, plus seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook™ and Google Calendars™, to provide a simple, single view to meeting room bookings – right across your business, via fixed or mobile app.

> Monitored usage to
    maximise meeting
    environment utiiisation

We work with leading technology partners to provide smart and simple meeting room booking system solutions. Our engineers will install and train your team how to manage and monitor the booking system, via its simple to use interfaces, giving you greater control of meeting planning, timing, working day meeting space utilisation and ultimately business effectiveness.

> Smart Bookings

  • Intuitive interfaces by design
  • Meeting room space planning visualisation
  • Space utilisation effectiveness
  • Single booking view of all resources
  • Training and support provided as required


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> Control Systems

Control and management of our technology solutions is an important part of daily life. The Digital revolution is here to stay and we will only grow more dependants upon the services it provides, as our business and private time becomes more demanding.

We have access to industry leading control technologies and are experienced in their programming and data fusion. We provided Smart control system solutions for business and commercial customers, using a range of audio and visual technologies.

We aim to keep the user interface as easy and simple to operate, so only install the most intuitive, user-friendly, and capable control systems. From light, projector and screen adjustments to tuning volume levels and source inputs, our control systems remove the need to have multiple remote control devices.

Our control systems provide an easy and accessible platform from which to control installed AudioVisual technology, many of which can be integrated into the set up design.

> Keeping up with Technology

Our programming team are highly skilled at ensuring that the control systems we install are able to perform the desired function, whether this is to provide full room control of a boardroom (lights, blinds, displays, sources and sound), or to provide instant switching for multiple microphone units for a Business Hub, Control Centre or Training Academy.

From installing wired or wireless control units, to taking full control of your integrated system using your tablet or smartphone, our team are best placed to provide advise on technology selection and performance, customise, install, and commission.

> Digital Revolution

  • Keeping you up to date on control technologies
  • Partnered with the best control system technology providers in the industry
  • Skilled and experienced control system design engineers, providing easy to operate smart environments
  • Providing connectivity and flexibility to deliver efficiencies in collaborative working practices


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> Interactive Furniture

At Viewpoint, we don’t just supply the technology. Thanks to our close relationship with specialist furniture and interior design practice partners, we’re able to offer a mixture of standard furniture and bespoke technology integration of all our systems into your physical environment and we offer this service to all our customers, in all the sectors we support.

For business, where digital transformation workspace agility is important to performance, we have proven technology implementations to show you. Connectivity between sites, both in the board room, meeting room and agile meeting space all require smart thinking at the design stage, to select the right layout and technology. We can help you with that!

For our Training sector, we offer bespoke classroom and learning space designs. With our furniture design partner, we can provide flexible and agile solutions, to allow reconfiguration of the student environment for pre learning, individual and team training and multi site collaboration for large groups.

> Making your environment

So, if it’s an agile meeting or work space you are after for your project teams or a conference room for your senior management team, we will work with you and our partners to design a solution that delivers your desired outcomes.

We can offer parts of your design or work with you to provide a Turnkey offering. Our partners and customers allow us to visit their facilities and offices, so we can show you solutions in operation and you can get heir feedback on effectiveness first hand.

> Cost effective Tailor-made

  •  A design based on your performance outcomes
  • Flexibility and agility at the core of our offering
  • Our integrated industry leading hardware and software technology partner solutions
  • Workspace and furniture partners that have years of experience across many business sectors, solution innovation


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